What Makes a Good Documentary Film?

Have you watched any documentary films lately? Unlike other films, documentary films are made to capture reality. Most of them aim to educate, inform, or maintain a historical record in some cases. Because of its nature, documentary films appeal differently to some viewers. The process of creating one is also different and requires a lot … Read more



Most animals are well-known for specific characteristics like the way they walk, sound, or move. Sometimes, humans also use these characteristics to describe their actions, especially in stories. This way of describing is actually a literary device used by writers, which is known as Zoomorphism. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at this … Read more


You might have read stories that appear to be simple but embodies a more profound and broader meaning – something with a hidden message. This writing style is a literary device used by authors to enhance and add color to their literary pieces. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at one of the … Read more

Best Gifts for Writers

Thinking of getting a gift for a writer in your life but don’t know what to get? No worries. We know the struggles of shopping for gifts, especially if you want to give something unique. That’s why we put in the work in creating a list to help you get ideas of what to get … Read more

What is Academic Writing?

If you’ve been to university (or are currently attending one), you have encountered academic writing. Most students and professors I know could confirm that making that final dissertation paper is perhaps one of the most tedious but insightful experiences of academic writing. What is academic writing? Academic writing is a writing style used mainly to … Read more

How to Improve English Writing: 5 Easy Tips

Many people struggle with writing in English, even native speakers. Although we use English to communicate daily, you’d still be surprised by how many people always find it hard to write in English without making mistakes. Writing in English may sound easy, but eliminating the nuances from writing to get the message across adequately is … Read more