Push Notification Best Practices: 10 Tips to Retain Engagements and Generate Profits

Push Notification is an incredible tool that enables app creators to communicate directly with their users. Not only does it help retain customer engagement, but it can also help generate more profit. To understand this tool’s full potential, we’ll talk about the different push notification best practices and how it works as one of the … Read more

3 Easy Steps on How to Write a Four-Quadrant Screenplay

If there’s one type of movie that the film industry loves, this would be the “four-quadrant” films. Why? Because nowadays, four-quadrant films are the ones that sell the most. That’s why for a screenwriter (and aspiring screenwriters), learning the essentials of a four-quadrant screenplay is a must. If you’re looking forward to learning more about … Read more

What are the Characteristics of a User Story? [The Big 7]

Product managers, and PMPs use the term “user story” in agile. The word “story” is so overused, that it’s similar to the word “love” – both have many different meanings. Stories could be Snapchat posts, great books, documentary films, or (in the case of a user story) a communication tool. But what is a user … Read more

Storytelling Activities for Adults

Storytelling isn’t just for kids. It’s for everyone of all ages. It can be a therapeutic activity that brings comfort, reduces stress, boosts confidence, stimulates creativity, increases social interaction, or just a relaxing and enjoyable way to spend your time. Aside from its mental, emotional, and social benefits, storytelling also expands one’s horizon by feeding … Read more