3 Easy Steps on How to Write a Four-Quadrant Screenplay

If there’s one type of movie that the film industry loves, this would be the “four-quadrant” films. Why? Because nowadays, four-quadrant films are the ones that sell the most. That’s why for a screenwriter (and aspiring screenwriters), learning the essentials of a four-quadrant screenplay is a must. If you’re looking forward to learning more about … Read more

What are the Characteristics of a User Story? [The Big 7]

Product managers, and PMPs use the term “user story” in agile. The word “story” is so overused, that it’s similar to the word “love” – both have many different meanings. Stories could be Snapchat posts, great books, documentary films, or (in the case of a user story) a communication tool. But what is a user … Read more

Freytag’s Pyramid: How To Use This Powerful 7-Step Dramatic Structure

Freytag's Pyramid Diagram

Many stories (especially ones with subplots) can become quite complex in terms of their composition. But regardless of whether it is a short story or a great novel, each of these stories follow a famous dramatic structure: Freytag’s Pyramid. In this article, we’ll talk about this famous story structure and how it can make your … Read more

What Makes a Good Documentary Film? – 5 Elements and Examples You Should See

Have you watched any documentary films lately? Unlike other films, documentary films are made to capture reality. Most of them aim to educate, inform, or maintain a historical record in some cases. Because of its nature, documentary films appeal differently to some viewers. The process of creating one is also different and requires a lot … Read more



Most animals are well-known for specific characteristics like the way they walk, sound, or move. Sometimes, humans also use these characteristics to describe their actions, especially in stories. This way of describing is actually a literary device used by writers, which is known as Zoomorphism. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at this … Read more


You might have read stories that appear to be simple but embodies a more profound and broader meaning – something with a hidden message. This writing style is a literary device used by authors to enhance and add color to their literary pieces. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at one of the … Read more